Five Easy Ways to Mine for Digital Transformation Gold at ONUG

A few ONUG Board members expressed that behind ONUG is a huge gold mine. What they mean is that the ONUG Community has a wealth of market knowledge and requirements to buy solutions to address digital transformation initiatives. It communicates aggregated requirements in many ways, via its working groups, fireside chats, session topics, keynote speakers, blog posts, proofs of concept, use case voting, etc. ONUG Conferences are the gathering place for IT business leaders of the largest enterprises in the Global 2000 with an annual IT spend north of $150 billion. This is ONUG’s sixth year of developing aggregated use case requirements, and the community knows what it wants or needs. As such, the community is ready to make mining that gold much easier for the vendors to assist users in delivering needed digital transformation solutions.

Here are five ways that users and vendors can mine for ONUG digital transformation gold.

1) Vendor Discounts: ONUG encourages the vendor community to offer the ONUG user community with the best possible deal terms in the industry. This is not hard as the ONUG user community is the most astute, socially networked and largest spenders in the industry who know how to negotiate.

2) Deal Rooms: At ONUG Spring and Fall, there will be dedicated deal rooms available where buyers (IT executives) and suppliers (vendors) can negotiate deals.

3) One-on-One Meetings: ONUG staff will facilitate one-on-one meetings between buyers and suppliers via the ONUG mobile app and other more traditional efforts.

4) ONUG RFP it: At ONUG Spring, the “ONUG RFP it” campaign will kick off. This campaign’s goal is to enable the ONUG Community to RFP the working group use case requirements to the vendor community. This campaign will include mock RFPs written by IT executives who are co-chairs of the various ONUG Working Groups. The ONUG mock RFPs will be available for download, and “ONUG RFP it” buttons will be distributed at ONUG Spring and sported by board members. This is a key way to put the collective $150B annual IT buying power of the ONUG Community behind the working group requirements.

5) Permission: ONUG has been about social networking, exposure to new thinking and shared experiences. With the above program, it now puts deals and deal flow into the mix to hasten the pace of digital transformation solutions for the large enterprise.

Building the digital economy is part “know how” to offer digital products, part understanding the needed “building blocks,” part having the IT “skills and organization” to make it all happen. The ONUG Community has been sharing these parts of the digital puzzle over the past five years via aggregated use case requirements. It’s ready to see these digital solutions enter the market, and that happens with deal flow that benefits buyers and suppliers. It’s more fun and productive to dig for gold when you have the right tools and know where to dig. Mining for gold just got easier for buyers and suppliers at ONUG 2018.

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