Finally a Cybersecurity Reference Solution for Multi-Cloud Workloads

Over the past five years, the ONUG Community has struggled to find security solutions that protect workloads placed in the cloud. Not only has the community struggled with the lack of technical solutions, but their SecOps teams were unprepared, and automated compliance reports are hard to come by. The ONUG Working Group on software-defined security services (S-DSS) has been working on this problem and are ready to release a reference solution at ONUG Spring in Dallas on May 7th and 8th.  

Nearly all ONUG IT community members are challenged with the lack of reference solutions available for the new type of IT solutions that all are building to gain digital business advantage. We live in an API-driven, service mesh world, where IT organizations stitch together software modules, some open, some closed and some homegrown with start-ups and established vendor/cloud/service provider products and services, all in the hopes of delivering a secure, visible, analytics friendly solution to support their digital businesses.  

The fundamental impediment to IT transformation is that there are no common reference solutions. All IT organizations are on their own. Thus the ONUG Community has decided to put its collective experience, industry leverage and requirements behind the development of proven and practical reference solutions to speed up the Global 2000’s entry into the digital economy. Cybersecurity in a multi-cloud environment is their high priority.   

Since November of last year, the ONUG S-DSS Working Group has been meeting in closed door sessions of IT executives exclusively to hash out the fundamental requirements to protect multi-cloud workloads. What they defined was a security approach that consists of an intent-based security policy engine that ties policies to workloads, independent upon host that is bare metal, hypervisor, container and serverless. Policy enforcement is local to the workload and independent upon its physical location, be it on- or off-premises. They aggregated and prioritized use case requirements, all in an effort to develop a reference solution for ONUG Community members.   

Contributions and input into the ONUG S-DSS Working Group came from a wide range of companies including FedEx, General Dynamics, Wells Fargo, Intuit, American Express, Australia & New Zealand Banking Group, Bank of America, BNY Mellon, Barclays, Bloomberg, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cigna, Citi, Disney, DTCC, Ellie Mae, ExxonMobil, First Data, Gap Inc, GE, JPMorgan Chase, Legacy Texas Bank, McKinsey & Company, MetLife, MITRE, Monsanto, Morgan Stanley, NASDAQ, Owens Corning, PNC, Principal Financial Group, PwC, Raytheon, SalesForce, Standard Chartered Bank, Tesla Motors, Viacom, Visa, Wellington Management, Westpac.  

To develop the reference solution and associated verification test plan, the working group chose Microland Limited, a solutions integrator.

At ONUG Spring in Dallas on May 7th and 8th, the following companies and executives reveal the industry’s first reference solution for securing workloads in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Special thanks to ONUG S-DSS Working Group co-chairs:

Forrest Bennett, Cyber Security Advisor, FedEx Services

Michael Clark, Technology Industry & IT Consulting Exec, Renaissance Tech

Stephen Collins, Principal Consultant, 1024tm, ONUG Working Group CTO

Jacob Rapp, Director & Lead Technologist, Networking and Security at VMware

Syed Mohamed, Global Head of Cyber Security, Microland

Murali Palanisamy, EVP and CTO, AppViewX

Join the ONUG S-DSS Working Group members and community at large as we reveal the industry’s first user lead reference solution for the multi-cloud era at ONUG Spring in Dallas.


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