Empowering Network Professionals to take on Responsibility of Cloud Networking

At a time when large enterprises are building out their digital infrastructures and facing added complexities, keeping ahead of networking innovations and new technologies is critical to the long term survival and health of today’s enterprise. 

Beyond leveraging the advances in networking solutions, keeping an organization’s   network secure and operational is a top concern. According to Statista, a single network outage can cost an organization upwards of $301,000 per hour. Your networking organization needs up-to-date skills training that aligns with operational objectives to leverage the power of today’s advanced computing requirements, security needs and connectivity with cloud resources. Do you know what the changing role of your networking organization is and if they have the necessary tools to be successful in that role? 

These are questions every IT organization is facing as new networking paradigms come into play. Innovations in the area of data center connectivity and fiber based cloud onramps are proliferating throughout the enterprise. 

SDWAN, Network function virtualization (NFV), edge computing, routing strategies like Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) all help companies better manage and optimize their network infrastructure, resulting in improved performance, security, scalability and cost savings. But in order to leverage these solutions networking pros need proficiency in multiple areas including how to: 

  • Virtualize and automate networks
  • Manage the security of increasingly complex networks
  • Manage cloud migration and incorporate emerging technologies into network operations
  • Leverage AI to analyze cloud usage and devise ways to eliminate inefficiencies. AI algorithms can measure usage in real time 
  • Managing physical routers, wireless network architecture and communication systems

It’s time to give networking professionals the tools they need in their elevated role in today’s large enterprise. ONUG Spring has dedicated networking sessions on both Day 1 and Day 2 of the May 17-18 conference in Dallas. If you are a networking professional looking to interact with other technologists, or are leading an IT organization and want to learn about the latest advances and solutions in cloud infrastructure networking, use the code NETWORK to save 20% off your conference pass – register here. 

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Joann Varello