Call for Speakers and Use Cases — ONUG Fall and Europe

ONUG is the largest community of IT executives in the Global 2000 focused at the intersection of business and digital strategy taking their corporations into the digital economy. At the heart of ONUG is sharing; that is, IT professionals gain the best insights from peers that share best practices and challenges. Business -driven digital transformation strategies and outcomes are the main focus of the community.

NOW OPEN: Seeking Use Cases and Speaker/Panelists for ONUG Fall and Europe! We invite you to submit your presentation on your company’s digital transformation success. There are no limits on the type of digital projects you submit. Projects can span across customer engagement, infrastructure, IT and organizational transformation.

The ONUG Board will review and approve those to be presented at ONUG Fall in New York City, October 16-17, hosted by Cigna Health Care. ONUG Europe takes place December 4-5 in London. Proposals are due for both events by August 23. Submit Your Proposal

Session One:The Great Debate: Connecting Cloud-based Security Tools with On-Premise for Hybrid Cloud–Will We Ever Get There? Each public cloud provider provides its own security events, yet  on-premise, a different set of tools are used. Each cloud provider has security embedded into its cloud offering, yet getting those events to an Enterprise Event System is a custom solution for each cloud provider to which you connect. It would be great to have a standard framework/policy-based solution that can be deployed into on-prem and each cloud provider. This would allow businesses the benefit of a consolidated security events dashboard and resolution path. But will we ever get there? Cloud providers cadence is much faster than on-prem cloud providers, making product development out of phase between the two. This competition is healthy and provides a better, albeit more difficult, approach to cloud security integration with enterprise event systems. During this ONUG Great Debate, we argue the value of consolidated/integrated vs. separate cloud security solutions. Submit Your Proposal

Session Two: Town Hall Meeting: Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Common Challenges Addressed  The ONUG Community has aggregated the top five challenges of building hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure. We shared these challenges with Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE, IBM Cloud Connect and Google Cloud Services, and offered each of them the opportunity to address the ONUG Community with their practical approach/solution. In this town hall meeting, the ONUG Board invited the above cloud providers to address the communities’ challenges. In an ONUG exclusive, each cloud provider is offered 15 minutes to address these challenges. Nick Lippis of ONUG  will then moderate a town hall meeting discussion. Submit Your Proposal

Session Three: Application Deployment the DevOps Way: aka A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Microservices Galaxy This session concentrates on technology frameworks: microservices, containers and their orchestration, service meshes plus container orchestration and automation tools. This session explains the critical importance of technology frameworks and associated tools for enabling enterprises to manage the deployment of microservice-based applications at scale in the large enterprise. Submit Your Proposal

Session Four: Serverless: Applications, Security & Governance  In this session, the speakers will discuss the typical use cases for serverless application deployment in the large enterprise. A brief survey of serverless offerings will be provided along with benefits plus financial, operation and security considerations, and of course, governance issues. Serverless requires a new operational paradigm, plus the need to address resiliency and availability. This is the session that will get you up to speed on serverless issues. Submit Your Proposal

Session Five: Chaos Engineering: Making Complex Distributed Systems More Resilient This session provides an introduction to Chaos Engineering, a conceptual overview, and articulates the business benefits for large organizations working in hybrid multi-cloud environments. This topic also extends beyond resiliency to encompass high availability and scalability. Submit Your Proposal

Session Six: Everything You Wanted to Know about Enterprise Cloud Migration Panel members will discuss specific examples where there are gaps between what the cloud service providers offer and what large enterprises need. This is a meat-and-potatoes session involving a frank discussion of the pitfalls and barriers to cloud migration. Submit Your Proposal


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