Call for Participation: AIOps for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Working Group

The ONUG AIOps for Hybrid Multi-Cloud working group was launched last year at Fall ONUG 2019 by a small team of vendors that developed and presented a reference architecture for AIOps. The proof-of-concept demo featured a data virtualization layer that unifies access to monitoring data aggregated from many points, end to end, across a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.

The working group’s objective for 2020 is to further develop this PoC, which supports a critical use case: applying machine intelligence to speed root cause analysis when users encounter problems accessing a cloud-based UCaaS application (in this case, Zoom). There are the primary goals for 2020:

  1. Integrate additional sources of monitoring data from multiple points along the path from end user device to the application software running in the cloud.
  1. Integrated AIOps tools that apply machine learning and AI algorithms to monitoring data, which is accessed via the virtualization layer.
  1. Demonstrate how machine intelligence can be applied to streamline workflows and simplify decision making for human operators engaged in root cause analysis for problems that span a multi-layer, multi-domain, hybrid multi-cloud environment
  1. Utilize real monitoring data derived from an operational enterprise environment to drive the PoC demo.

Achieving these goals requires the participation of additional vendors in the PoC demo, at both the monitoring and AIOps layers. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of an open, multi-vendor reference solution that is addressing a critical challenge for enterprise IT organizations.

Call for Vendor Participation

Vendors in the ONUG Community with interest and expertise in AIOps are invited to join the working group today.

Author's Bio

Stephen Collins

Working Group CTO, ONUG