Broadcom Showcases Industry’s First AI-Driven Network Monitoring Solution Powered by Next-Generation Silicon and Telemetry at ONUG Fall 2020

Broadcom is proud to sponsor ONUG Fall 2020 and will be showcasing its DX NetOps network monitoring software powered by next generation Broadcom silicon and telemetry that delivers the industry’s first AI-driven, high scale operations monitoring and analytics solution. This one-of-a-kind integration applies AI and ML to the rich granular data captured at the chip level to enable a uniquely automated AI-driven solution for real-time proactive network congestion and packet loss triage. 

Broadcom Announces Next-Gen Telemetry to Transform The Application Experience

Delivering a reliable application experience with predictable network performance is the nirvana that today’s network operations teams constantly strive for. But today’s digital transformation and recent global events presents unique challenges and requires an innovative approach to networking and network monitoring. Organizations need actionable analytics (not just raw data) from the network to ensure reliable application experience to their customers. Attend this session to discover our latest innovations to discover how next-gen Broadcom silicon and telemetry is capable of processing vast amounts of data inside the chip itself to deliver advanced analytics, root cause analysis and improved SLA monitoring to ensure the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.


Broadcom Enables Proactive Network Congestion Triage with Innovative Integrations

Attend this session to discover our latest innovations that provide our customers with an in-depth view of hardware buffer utilization from our silicon while at the same time providing best in-breed unified visibility across fault, performance, topology, and flow enables operations teams to have unparalleled insights into network congestion and performance of the Data Center switch fabric. Taking advantage of Broadcom Trigger Reports, operations teams are notified of congestion in real-time both for hardware and QoS/priority groups. This ensures not only a general understanding of congestion but insights into specific congestion tied to applications which impact end-user experience. Data Center architects consuming this network monitoring software information are empowered to optimize data flows to maximize throughput and minimize latency to provide the highest level of performance within their Broadcom SONiC switch fabrics. This industry-first integration enables a more efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure while leveraging next-generation, open and programmable network monitoring software.


Broadcom Delivers Real-Time Visibility and Automated Triage for Packet Loss Events 

Attend this session to discover our latest innovations that provide the enterprise with an immediate way to identify packet-loss on Broadcom SONiC switches at a global, or flexible flow classification perspective by integrating directly with switch silicon and next-gen telemetry that provides real-time information from the CPU’s reason code (opcodes).  Additionally, the Broadcom solution can roll back any changes that occurred in the environment with our advanced automation and AIOps solutions. This removes the time-consuming process of troubleshooting packet loss that requires advanced tool sets like span-ports or packet capture and analysis tools, engineering expertise or having the customer call and complain first about a poor application experience.

Broadcom recognizes that a network monitoring software that captures real-time packet and flow data directly from Broadcom chips and other devices is a differentiator in the industry and is critical to delivering a superior application experience. DX NetOps leverages AIOps from Broadcom and acts as a trusted proof point for the IT Operations analytics offered in Broadcom’s BizOps solutions. AIOps from Broadcom includes new intelligent recommendations and auto-remediation capabilities that help IT teams predict and prevent problems before they impact user experience.

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Jeremy Rossbach

Director, Product Marketing, DX NetOps, Broadcom