Automated Governance: An Organizational Imperative for Enterprise Digital Transformation

This Wednesday on September 16 I will be moderating a webinar titled Automated Governance: An Organizational Imperative for Enterprise Digital Transformation . Joining me will be Don Duet, CEO, Concourse Labs and  Mike Ryan, VP Tech Strategy, Freddie Mac. 

The subject of automated governance is one of particular interest to all of us here at ONUG because poor governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects as the lack of control of information and data is the root cause of project failure.  As ONUG member companies accelerate into a digital economy, getting a handle on risk control, information and corporate data is imperative 

With Covid came a huge spike in public cloud consumption and now sprawl as business units open accounts in various public cloud services that offer the best tools for their specific application needs.   How does a corporation control risk and cost without visibility into multiple clouds with thousands to tens of thousands of tenants spread across multiple cloud providers?   Beyond uncontrolled cost, there is risk of information and data compromise exposure thanks to multiple control planes for each cloud provider plus on-prem solutions.  In short, there is no single control plan to manage risk in the cloud era.   How do you gather evidence to show that you are in compliance when your workloads are in the public cloud?  

The ONUG Collaborative, a consortium of companies that are committed to identifying and providing solutions to cross industry, large enterprise issues, is focused on automating cloud governance and breaking down the barriers that are delaying or preventing companies from achieving success in their digital journeys. Concourse Labs is at the heart of these efforts and is an integral part of our Automated Cloud Governance Working Group. 

During the webinar you will hear from Concourse Labs and how they have created a new paradigm to tackle governance issues related to the enterprise cloud. Mike Ryan, joining us from Freddie Mac, will share his experiences of having very limited controls in place within their own infrastructure in 2018 to a clear path to cloud governance and an active and aggressive migration to native cloud in 2020. 

We hope you can join us on Wednesday. I guarantee you will learn important best practices of how to put in place governance for your multi-cloud deployments.   If you have a scheduling conflict, register now and we will send you a link to the webinar after the event. 


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Nick Lippis

ONUG Co-Founder/Co-Chair

ONUG Co-Founder/Co-Chair