Automated Cloud Governance Defines the New Enterprise Technology Supply Chain

As the large enterprise starts — yes starts — to consider public cloud, cloud governance needs to be addressed as it requires a new architecture. For all the cloud hype in the industry, the reality is that in the large enterprise only about 10% of workloads are in the public cloud. Holding back IT business leaders is a set of interrelated issues, common to all corporations, which are cloud security, policy, compliance and governance. A fundamental truth for all large corporations is that they, and they alone, will retain CONTROL of applications, data, policy and authoring; in short, governance of their assets. FYI: lack of good cloud governance is what caused Capital One, the leader in enterprise cloud adoption, to be breached. Cloud governance demands a new control and authoring framework to “controls” design and maintenance that spans policy as code, role responsibility and coverage, plus asset and perimeter management. The Enterprise Cloud is the primary business platform in which a corporation becomes a digital enterprise driving digital revenue and operational efficiency. Cloud governance puts safety structure around this immensely important corporate asset.  

ONUG 2020 starts an expanded journey of the Enterprise Cloud. Central to this journey is the building of hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure plus automation of operations and governance to deliver digital experiences and brand value to customers, partners and suppliers at scale and speed. The ONUG Community believes every enterprise needs a practical enterprise cloud strategy that encompasses networking/SD-WAN 2.0, automation/AIOps, cloud security/data protection, cloud observability and cloud native DevOps best practices. These software building blocks, all of which are being addressed in the ONUG Working Groups, will be integrated and operationalized via automated cloud governance. Cloud governance is so important to the success of the digital economy that it will dictate the supply chain of enterprise technology entering into large corporations. That is, vendors selling products into the large enterprise will be required to address and demonstrate how their solutions fit into a corporation’s automated cloud governance framework.  

The good news is that ONUG is developing this framework with board member companies. In December of last year, the CISOs of United Technologies, Cigna and FedEx created a collaborative via ONUG to develop such a framework. PNC, Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente, UBS and others have joined the collaborative. The collaborative is focused on delivering an automated approach to track governance throughout the entire software delivery process so that organizations can attest to the integrity of all assets and to the security of all running applications that touch cloud providers. This group is working on delivering a white paper detailing an automated cloud governance framework to help guide organizations within the large enterprise design and implement automated cloud governance throughout the delivery pipeline.

The paper will be revealed at ONUG Spring in Dallas this May where United Technologies, Cigna and FedEx are corporate sponsors and will be present. The vendor community is invited to a special April workshop in NYC for a pre-briefing on the automated cloud governance framework to develop and demonstrate proofs of concept at ONUG Spring in Dallas and Fall in NYC this October. The ONUG Board and Community welcome all vendors to participate in this important industry work.

Call for Vendor Participation

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Nick Lippis

Co-founder and Co-Chairman, ONUG