Am I Doing It Right?

I’m different. There’s no way around this truth: I operate with boundaries, broad though they may be, but they are real. Part of those boundaries involve my lifelong desire to always be intellectually and emotionally honest about how the world works and how we work in it. So let’s be honest: there are many technologists out on the edge, the fringe, innovators making incredible breakthroughs. But there are also many of us who are operating that tech, integrating that tech, doing all we can to maximize the value of the tech that’s brought before us. In that context, it’s common practice to look around and see what our peers are doing and consider whether we’re implementing things properly, i.e., “am I doing it right?”

It’s also fair to say that our management teams are watching and asking that same question. The C-Suite wants to know whether we are following the proper trends for the proper reasons. If, as an organization, we are breaking from a particular trend, are we prepared to rationalize WHY? Add to that end, if there’s a new buzzword, cool product or new thing that’s reached executive earshot, can we be ready with a thorough understanding of that new thing’s value?

In 2021 Gartner dropped its new term, “hyperautomation,” thus setting in motion everything I’ve described above. What happens next is predictable. Every IT supplier scrambles to build that nomenclature into their product marketing…whether it fits or not. Many Enterprise IT consumers will spend energy rationalizing their use (or non-use) of hyperautomation solutions.

At ONUG, we have a refreshing opportunity as a community to evaluate innovative systems, solutions or even terminology and put them into the proper context for our members. I’m thrilled that the Orchestration & Automation Working Group has decided to tackle this important trend and separate the wheat from the chaff. This Working Group has recently updated its charter to include hyperautomation, to ensure we guide industry suppliers and consumers through this “new” construct. I would invite anyone interested in learning more about hyperautomation and interested in driving the narrative on hyperautomation to join the ONUG Collaborative and your peers in the O&A Working Group. You will learn a LOT, and you will help lead our community in the process!

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Mark Tierney