Organizational Design in the Enterprise Cloud Era

Spring 2023

The enterprise cloud era has brought about significant changes in the way organizations operate and the technologies they use. As a result, traditional organizational structures and roles are being re-evaluated, and new ways of working are emerging. This keynote panel session will bring together experts from different industries to discuss the organizational design trends and best practices in the enterprise cloud era. The panel will explore topics such as the impact of cloud computing on organizational structure, the role of cross-functional teams and the importance of culture and communication in a cloud-based organization. The panel will also discuss the challenges organizations face when trying to adapt to the new ways of working in the enterprise cloud era and how to overcome them.

Session Outline:
-Introduction: The basics of organizational design in the enterprise cloud era
-Overview of the panelists and their expertise in organizational design
-Panel discussion on the organizational design trends and best practices in the enterprise cloud era
-Q&A and open discussion for attendees to ask questions and share their own experiences with organizational design in the enterprise cloud era
-Conclusion and summary of the panel

Target Audience:
C-level executives, IT professionals, Human Resources professionals


Chasity Holt is currently Director, Software Engineering within Fidelity Investments’ Engineering Excellence, Accessibility, and Strategy team. She formerly worked in the Platform Engineering space, closely assisting applications teams as they developed and migrated on-premises applications to AWS or created new applications using AWS solutions. Chasity has worked across the organization for 8 1/2 years, beginning her career as a Quality Assurance Engineer, testing services and APIs, and continued to navigate through her career testing aggregator services and internal databases as well as front-end web applications as an Automation Test Engineer, and now rejoins the Engineering Excellence, Accessibility, and Strategy team. She is also a Professional Development Co-Lead for Fidelity’s Aspire ERG, a Mentor, and a Coach of multiple sports teams. Chasity has Bachelor’s degrees from North Carolina State University in both Computer and Electrical Engineering. Her passions have the same underlying theme – helping people find their empowerment to succeed while providing them opportunities and resources to do so.

Priya is a digital transformation leader representing banking industry. Priya leads critical business programs to deliver digital experiences to changing consumer demands. Priya is an enthusiastic thought leader with a diverse skill set and ability to synthesize technical knowledge, business acumen in the cloud ecosystem. Priya enjoys being part of the transformational digital journey working with smart minds that drive technological innovation.

Sean Manahan is currently the Global Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (TechBD) focusing on technology strategy, enduring partnerships, and innovation. Prior to TechBD, Sean was the Global Head of End User Product Management where he was responsible for the vision, strategic planning, and management of 400+ products across Workspace, Mobile, Content Management, Social, and Multimedia technologies.

In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Sean is a member of our Multicultural Labs Investment Committee and our Next Level Fund Investment Committees focused on providing capital, access, and opportunity to early-stage companies led by women and people of color.

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Sean spent ten years at Credit Suisse working in a variety of leadership roles across development, engineering, operations, and product management.

In addition to the above, Sean has acted in advisory and partnership capacities for a number of companies including Actian, Citrix,, DynamicOps (prior to VMWare acquisition), Microsoft, Slack, Snowflake, Splunk, TechPassport and Zoom.

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