Aviatrix Proof of Concept: It’s Time for Your Cloud to Get a Cloud Backbone

Spring 2023

As cloud networking teams are expected to manage a multitude of dynamic components, including cloud regions, data centers, and the edge, they face numerous complexities and inconsistencies, leading to inconsistent performance and greater business risk. Stay ahead in cloud networking and attend our brief Proof of Concept with Saad Mirza, Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix, to discover how in-region, multi-region, multicloud, and external connectivity is simplified with Aviatrix’s Secure Cloud Network Backbone.


Saad Mirza is the Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix, a cloud networking firm. A brand ambassador who cocreated Multicloud Networking Architecture and Aviatrix Certified Engineer program. Prior to Aviatrix, he held networking and security roles at organizations including VMWare, Cisco, Brocade, and BT. Saad is a frequent speaker at well-known industry events and webinars and enjoys writing blogs and vlogs on innovative cloud technologies and industry trends.

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