Cloud Native Security Working Group Update: Zero Day Strategies: Vulnerability, Exploit & Attack – What’s Your Plan?

Spring 2023

The Cloud Native Security Working Group’s goal is to help organizations adopt cloud-native technologies securely. In this session, the group will discuss the importance of having a plan in place for dealing with zero-day vulnerabilities, exploits and attacks that include execution for detection, risk assessment, mitigation and reporting. Attendees will learn about best practices for identifying and mitigating these types of threats, strategies for responding effectively in the event of an attack as well as see live demonstrations on mitigations solutions.

Session Outline:
-Introduction: The current state of zero-day vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks
-Identifying zero-day threats: Techniques for discovering unknown vulnerabilities and exploits
-Mitigating zero-day threats: Best practices for protecting against unknown vulnerabilities and exploits
-Responding to zero-day attacks: Strategies for effectively responding to and recovering from attacks
-Case studies: Examples of real-world zero-day vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks and how they were handled
-Q&A: Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own experiences and challenges related to zero-day threats.

Target Audience: Security professionals, IT professionals, and anyone responsible for securing cloud-native infrastructure.


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