ONUG Training Featuring Alkira – Using Modern Practices and Tools to Operate Networking in the Cloud

Spring 2023

As the public cloud continues to gain momentum, the gap broadens between operating traditional networks and cloud networks. A different set of skills and tooling is required to deploy and maintain network infrastructure. In this course, you will gain an understanding of the following:

-The value proposition of Infrastructure-as-Code

– Building basic AWS networking with HashiCorp’s Terraform

–  Expanding the scope to multi-cloud with Network-as-a-Service

– Benefits of a standardized toolchain for managing infrastructure


Over the last 15 years, William has worked across large enterprises and startups,
specializing in networking and cloud architecture. His focus has been centered on
helping enterprises adopt the cloud with practical solutions that are grounded in real-
world outcomes. Over his career, he has helped enterprises build large-scale networks,
driven modernization through cloud adoption, and excels at optimizing complex
environments through good design practices and automation. He is also passionately
involved in the AWS Community Builder program, where he focuses on mentoring and
sharing knowledge.

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