NETSCOUT Proof of Concept: Ensuring Unstoppable Virtual Visibility and Cybersecurity Threat Hunting into the Cloud

Spring 2023

As large organizations test the limits of what’s possible, they’re also testing the limits of what’s manageable — requiring new levels of visibility into their increasingly distributed and complex digital ecosystems. But what most companies call visibility falls short of the data breadth, depth, and intelligence it takes to be unstoppable.

This use case will explore the challenges and solutions related to gaining the ultimate level of visibility into Service Assurance and Cybersecurity for complex enterprise application migration/transition projects for single or multiple cloud architectures (public, private or hybrid). NETSCOUT’s visibility without borders approach allows clients to extend detailed level Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) efforts into hard-to-reach virtual deployments with vStream. Once implemented, the customers improved their visibility, enabled new threat hunting workflows, and reduced tool sprawl into the virtual network environments. Lack of visibility creates significant IT risk to the organization and to these top X most critical revenue or service impacting applications. NETSCOUT allows the CTO/CISO an easy path to increased attack surface monitoring, lowering their overall TCO and reducing the cross department MTTR.


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