Fortinet Proof of Concept: Protecting Applications from Advanced Threats using FortiWeb Cloud

Spring 2023

Cloud journeys and digital transformation have changed the way applications are delivered – faster and more distributed. Web services continue to expand from the data center, to cloud, the edge, and across global CDNs at an accelerating rate. Applications are more dynamic and are delivered faster than ever however the dynamic applications also add threat surface by exposing interfaces or API’s.

Applications are susceptible to anomalous traffic, bot attacks, API threats and others. Application Firewalls (WAFs) have traditionally provided application protection with strictly static approaches. These static approaches haven’t been able to keep up with the continuous improvements of quickly iterating applications. During this session Fortinet will dig into their Cloud based Web Application and API Security Firewall (WAAP) by demoing their easily deployed and maintained WAF and demonstrate Fortinet’s unique approach to dynamic application security using Machine learning.

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