How Cigna Built and Manages Their Enterprise Cloud To Deliver Business Value and Contain Cost

Spring 2023

In this keynote session, ONUG community members will learn about the process and strategies Cigna, in partnership with AWS, used to design, implement, and operationalize our enterprise cloud deployment. The session will cover topics such as how we balanced the need for scalability and security with cost containment, the controls and processes we put in place to manage our cloud environment, and the technologies we used to drive efficiency and deliver business value.

-Introduction to the session
-Overview of Cigna’s enterprise cloud deployment
-How Cigna and partners designed for scalability, security and cost containment
-Implementation and operationalization strategies and processes
-Technologies and tools used to drive efficiency, optimization and business value

Target Audience:
This session is ideal for IT and business leaders who are responsible for enterprise cloud, looking to optimize their own cloud deployments and achieve similar results. Attendees will gain insights on the best practices and strategies used by Cigna and its partners to design, implement and manage a successful enterprise cloud.


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