Can Infrastructure Pros Ever Really Make Developers Happy?

Spring 2023

The relationship between infrastructure professionals and developers can be challenging. Developers want the infrastructure to be fast, reliable and easy to use, while infrastructure professionals need to balance these requirements with security, scalability and cost-efficiency. This session will explore the common challenges that infrastructure pros face in trying to make developers happy, and will discuss strategies for improving collaboration and communication between the two groups. We will also cover best practices for infrastructure provisioning, management and monitoring that can help to meet the needs of both developers and infrastructure pros by building trust in the environment via observability data.

Session Outline:
-Introduction: The basics of the relationship between infrastructure pros and developers
-Overview of the common challenges that infrastructure pros face in trying to make developers happy
-Strategies for improving collaboration and communication between infrastructure pros and developers
-Best practices for infrastructure provisioning, management, and monitoring that can help to meet the needs of both developers and infrastructure pros
-Case studies of successful collaboration between infrastructure pros and developers
-Conclusion and Q&A

Target Audience:
IT professionals, developers, infrastructure team members, and anyone interested in learning about the challenges of collaboration and communication between infrastructure pros and developers and how to overcome them.


Latonya Smith is a technically inclined and performance-driven executive with over 15 years of
progressive experience directing growth strategy, enabling robust transformations, leading end-user
orientation, and driving workforce development in the IT industry. Instrumental in spearheading ideation
and development of innovative and differentiating technical and engineering solutions that support
business strategy. Recognized for conceptualizing objectives and strategies for the implementation of
innovative solutions while optimizing existing systems, applications, and information. Passionate about
determining technology insertion points to ensure consistency of technology with unique projects,
including protection, reliability, and scalability needs.

Latonya is currently Vice President, Global Head of Technology Process Engineering at Chubb where
she is responsible for leading the re-engineering and transformation agenda across complex technology
programs, enhancing the overall experience, through the development and implementation of strategies
that focus on identifying manual touchpoints within processes and translating them into automation driven
outcomes. She is also responsible for strengthening the overall IT Service Management experience and
driving operational efficiencies through the expanded use of the ServiceNow Platform.
Latonya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas
and her MBA from Cornell University.

Amarjeet Kaur is a Director at Edward Jones, responsible for driving stability across systems and branches. Amarjeet is passionate about data driven decisions, uncovering patterns of stability before they become issues.

Prior to Edward Jones, Amarjeet spent 22+ years with Citi Technology in Application Development, Engineering, Architecture and Implementation. She wore multiple hats from leading CoE for Project / Portfolio management tools, to driving automated solutions for Command Center and Data Center, to Privilege Access Management Automations in IDEM, to leading the transformation from traditional Monitoring to a full stack Hybrid Observability platform that was used by multiple technology /business sectors – enabling technology teams to collect telemetry, have effective monitoring and self-healing.

Amarjeet has Master Degree in Computer Science from Pune, India and Masters in International Business from Hyderabad, India.

Liam is a Product Manager in the IBM Software Networking Business Unit focused on solving customer challenges delivering simple, secure and predictable application-centric connectivity.  Liam brings 20 years of experience in networking and application development space, most recently as the Director of Global Voice and Networking Engineering for PGi (Premiere Global Services) where oversaw and delivered the cloud transformation for the company. In that role, he experienced first-hand the challenges DevOps and CloudOps teams encounter trying to consistently deliver connectivity to applications to all their sites and users. When meeting with an old friend he heard about the newly formed IBM Software Networking Business Unit and the customer challenges they are looking to solve. He was immediately hooked

Dyrke is a seasoned cloud and DevOps expert with over 12 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions for a diverse range of customers. He has a proven track record of optimizing infrastructure for high availability, scalability, and security. Dyrke has a deep understanding of cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, and he is passionate about leveraging DevOps methodologies to streamline development processes and improve software delivery. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dyrke has helped numerous organizations adopt cloud technologies and implement DevOps practices, enabling them to achieve greater agility, efficiency, and innovation.

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