Network Cloud Working Group Update: The Network Edge – Defining Network Elasticity in Today’s Rapidly Changing WAN Market

Spring 2023

The network edge is becoming an increasingly important aspect of wide area networking as organizations look to support the growing number of devices and services at the edge of the network. With the rapid changes in the WAN market, it’s essential for networks to be able to adapt and scale quickly to meet the demands of today’s dynamic business environment. This session will explore the concept of network elasticity, which is the ability of a network to expand and contract on-demand in response to changing network conditions.

The Network Cloud Working Group presents its ONUG Network Cloud Playbook. Highlights include how enterprises should be thinking about cloud edge strategies for maximum cost efficiencies and time-to-market deployments. We will discuss the latest trends and technologies in network edge, including edge computing, SD-WAN and 5G, and how they can be used to create more elastic networks.

Session Outline:
Introduction: The importance of network elasticity in today’s rapidly changing WAN market
Overview of network edge and its role in creating more elastic networks
Edge computing, SD-WAN and 5G technologies and how they can be used to create more elastic networks
Network edge architecture and design best practices
Case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented network edge solutions
Security considerations for network edge solutions
Future trends and developments in network edge
Conclusion and Q&A

Target Audience:
IT professionals, network architects, cloud architects, and anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in network edge and network elasticity in today’s rapidly changing WAN market.


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