Chasity Holt

Chasity Holt
Director, Software Engineering - Fidelity Investments

Chasity Holt is currently Director, Software Engineering within Fidelity Investments’ Engineering Excellence, Accessibility, and Strategy team. She formerly worked in the Platform Engineering space, closely assisting applications teams as they developed and migrated on-premises applications to AWS or created new applications using AWS solutions. Chasity has worked across the organization for 8 1/2 years, beginning her career as a Quality Assurance Engineer, testing services and APIs, and continued to navigate through her career testing aggregator services and internal databases as well as front-end web applications as an Automation Test Engineer, and now rejoins the Engineering Excellence, Accessibility, and Strategy team. She is also a Professional Development Co-Lead for Fidelity’s Aspire ERG, a Mentor, and a Coach of multiple sports teams. Chasity has Bachelor’s degrees from North Carolina State University in both Computer and Electrical Engineering. Her passions have the same underlying theme – helping people find their empowerment to succeed while providing them opportunities and resources to do so.



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