Hybrid Multi-Cloud Application-Centric Connectivity, Reimagining Connectivity from an Application Context – IBM Main Stage Keynote

Spring 2023

As Enterprises migrate to the cloud, their applications and data are now spread not just between private and public cloud, but increasingly between different public clouds, between SaaS providers and extended into edge clouds. This has created significant management and compliance challenges for network managers, who are no longer in control of the networks on which their applications rely. As a consequence, application performance is no longer deterministic, security of applications is at risk, and network skills and tasks relevant for one cloud are completely different in another. Managing networking in a multi-cloud context requires a new approach that focuses on the application itself, and secure, dynamic connectivity to the services it needs, regardless of the cloud provider. This app-centric approach reimagines connectivity from an application context, aligning the network to the needs of the developers, their CI/CD pipeline and DevOps cycles, while ensuring the network and security teams set the rules for connectivity, security and compliance.


Andrew has over twenty-five years experience in telecommunications and networking, and has held executive management positions in Brocade, Juniper, Carrier IQ and Unisphere in network engineering, product management, strategy, sales and marketing.

Prior to joining IBM, Andrew was CEO of Lumina Networks, an open source networking vendor, focused on SDN solutions.

Originally from the UK, Andrew spent a decade in Asia, in Hong Kong and Tokyo, before moving to California in 2006.


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