Embracing the NaaS Era: How to Plan for Adopting Network-as-a-Service Solutions in Your Corporate Network

Spring 2023

The world of networking is rapidly changing, with the emergence of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions that allow for greater flexibility, scalability and cost savings. This session will celebrate the arrival of the NaaS era and discuss the steps that organizations can take to plan for and successfully adopt NaaS solutions in their corporate networks. Attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of the NaaS landscape and the steps they can take to plan for and successfully adopt NaaS solutions in their own organizations.

Session Outline:

* An overview of the current NaaS landscape, including popular solutions and providers
* The benefits of NaaS, such as reduced capital expenses and increased network agility
* A step-by-step approach to planning for NaaS adoption, including assessing current network infrastructure, identifying business objectives and evaluating different NaaS options
* Best practices for implementing and managing NaaS solutions in a corporate environment
* Real-world examples of companies that have successfully adopted NaaS solutions and the results they have achieved

Target Audience: Network administrators, IT managers, and C-level executives


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