Latonya Smith

Latonya Smith
Global Technology Executive

Latonya Smith is a technically inclined and performance-driven executive with over 15 years of
progressive experience directing growth strategy, enabling robust transformations, leading end-user
orientation, and driving workforce development in the IT industry. Instrumental in spearheading ideation
and development of innovative and differentiating technical and engineering solutions that support
business strategy. Recognized for conceptualizing objectives and strategies for the implementation of
innovative solutions while optimizing existing systems, applications, and information. Passionate about
determining technology insertion points to ensure consistency of technology with unique projects,
including protection, reliability, and scalability needs.

Latonya is currently Vice President, Global Head of Technology Process Engineering at Chubb where
she is responsible for leading the re-engineering and transformation agenda across complex technology
programs, enhancing the overall experience, through the development and implementation of strategies
that focus on identifying manual touchpoints within processes and translating them into automation driven
outcomes. She is also responsible for strengthening the overall IT Service Management experience and
driving operational efficiencies through the expanded use of the ServiceNow Platform.
Latonya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas
and her MBA from Cornell University.



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