ZPE Systems Proof of Concept: Winter Is Coming – Prepare Your Infrastructure for the Economic Downturn and COVID Lockdowns

Fall 2022

IT is about to experience a ‘winter is coming’ event. You’ll need to be able to manage your infrastructure without having physical access to devices. That’s because experts predict an economic downturn and more COVID lockdowns this year, which will lead to reduced staff numbers, ongoing remote work, and tighter restrictions to on-site access. In the face of all this, is your current remote network & infrastructure management solution enough to keep business and applications on track through the deep freeze?

Join us as we demonstrate our blueprint that can help you achieve ultra resilience using out-of-band management and network automation. We’ll show you how to deploy on top of your existing infrastructure to give IT teams full remote access and automation capabilities. Even your reduced staff will be able to keep operations running from the warmth of their home office, so business can meet increasing needs for hybrid work and edge computing.


As part of the Solution Engineering group is Rene Neumann working closely with customers and helps delivering the right solutions to ZPE customers.
His IT & data center expertise spans over 20 years, covering a broad range of technologies from Data Center and Infrastructure Management implementations and solutions to Network Management and Automation technologies. Using ZPE’s powerful platform of consolidated devices and intuitive software, Rene continues to improve network architecture for companies across the globe.

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