What’s Next for Zero Trust Network Access? – Palo Alto Networks Main Stage Keynote

Fall 2022

Today, applications and data are everywhere, and the concept of work has been transformed from a place we go to something we do, anywhere at any time. Point products, VPN, and trusted network zones no longer provide adequate protection but instead introduce risk. The industry tried to fix secure access with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), but first-generation solutions were disjointed and incomplete. Securing our new reality of hybrid work requires a fresh approach to ZTNA that doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past


Matt De Vincentis is the marketing leader at Palo Alto Networks responsible for
defining the future of networking and security with SASE. Matt has over 16 years
of experience in networking and security, having started his career as an
engineer in the managed service provider space, before transitioning into
marketing. He has an MBA from Charles Sturt University in Australia, and a
Masters Degree in Networking and Systems.

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