Itential Proof of Concept: Leveraging Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration to Rapidly Respond to Security Notifications in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Fall 2022

Today’s enterprise network is a complex environment that spans on-prem data centers and multiple cloud platforms. In order to deploy, maintain, and secure an environment this diverse and dynamic, organizations must move away from manual processes that are slow and error prone and transition into an environment where infrastructure automation and orchestration is the standard. To rapidly respond to security notifications from SIEM and SOAR systems, your automation solution must be able to quickly integrate with multiple IT systems, cloud, and traditional network infrastructure. Enterprises can use Itential to quickly integrate with cloud platforms, network solutions, IT, and security systems to build automations that can immediately respond to security events by documenting trouble tickets, sending notifications to multiple teams, and making critical changes to secure both cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

In this proof of concept, we will demonstrate how the Itential Automation Platform can help your organization accomplish:

• Integration with your complex, dynamic ecosystem of cloud, network, security, and IT systems.
• Receiving security notification event data, parsing, and transforming it to be used within the automation workflow.
• Automating security responses based on event data, and making security changes to both cloud and physical networks.
• Documenting the event and response details in trouble tickets and team messaging channels.

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