Ciena Proof of Concept: Establish, Manage and Control Virtual Private Clouds via a Fully-Integrated, Cloud-Native Software Stack

Fall 2022

As enterprises evaluate which cloud model best meets their unique needs, many are considering the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) model to take advantage of its scalability, security, control and cost benefits. Although a VPC infrastructure combines the benefits of a private and public cloud model, it also presents some challenges. These include the need for dual management and silos of experienced staff and tools for managing the networks and application infrastructure. Another challenge centers on the need for application awareness to allow the network to adapt to application demands.

This PoC demonstration will highlight how Ciena’s cloud-native multi-service virtualized edge D-NFVI software stack facilitates the establishment and management of VPCs to manage virtual instances of SD-WAN and Security workloads, resolves the dual management issues by aligning tools and staff to improve velocity and deployment agility, and enables application awareness through unification of the cloud-native control plane for network and application infrastructure.


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