A&I Solutions Proof of Concept: 4-Dimensional Monitoring for the New Enterprise Network

Fall 2022

Modern enterprise networks are facing a new, unprecedented reality. Between adopting an internet-first approach, an influx of new traffic sources, and a shift to a hybrid and largely remote workspace, enterprise networks are more complex and difficult to manage than ever before. The solution? AppNeta by Broadcom Software.

In this session, we’ll explore how AppNeta can drive cloud, SaaS, and internet transformation as well as deliver WFA visibility, enhance end-user experience, and make IT more efficient through 4-dimensional active and passive monitoring of business-critical apps and locations.


Cezary is a SME on troubleshooting the performance of modern distributed networks and SaaS hosted web applications. He has 9 years of experience in the AppNeta product suite, with a focus on large enterprise deployments, business and automated systems integrations, and never losing sight of value delivery. Cezary ensures that his customers’ business needs are always achieved. Outside of work Cezary enjoys backcountry camping, is a fan of deep space exploration, and has a passion for sandwiches.

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