The Winding Road: A Career Journey of One of the Most Successful IT Business Leaders

Fall 2022

How does a graduate of Chemical Physics wind up working in the Pharma, Oil, Telecom and Financial Services Industry then end up becoming a board member of multiple public and private companies and advisor to many different kinds of software startups? Andy Brown of Sand Hill East will talk about his career journey and the evolving relationship between developers and infrastructure teams over this time span. Andy’s career is a model of personal and corporate achievement that highlights the value creation power IT executives have in transforming their corporation’s into digital enterprises.


Andy Brown currently serves as CEO of Sand Hill East, LLC, which provides strategic management, advice and marketing services to emerging companies. Mr. Brown is also a member of the boards of directors of Guidewire inc. a public traded company in the PNC insurance business, Zscaler, Inc., a publicly traded company providing cloud security services, Pure Storage, Inc., a publicly traded software-defined data storage solutions company, Digital Asset, a company providing solutions in the DeFi and Digital Ledger workflow world, Moogsoft, a next generation AI-Operations company, Skyhive, a company providing Digital Reskilling & Education.

He is also CEO and co-owner of Biz Tectonics LLC, a privately held consulting company. From September 2010 to October 2013, Mr. Brown served as Group Chief Technology Officer of UBS, an investment bank. Prior to that, Mr. Brown served in a variety of executive management and leadership roles at a variety of leading banking companies including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Mr. Brown holds a BSc Honors Degree in Chemical Physics from University College London.

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