Network as a Service (NaaS)

ONUG Collaborative Project Team

The Collaborative Network Cloud Working Group developed the SD-WAN market and now, through the NaaS Project team, this group will build upon that work and drill down into enterprise requirements and design patterns for specific use cases for adopting NaaS.

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Network as a Service

What We’re Working On

The Network Cloud Working Group developed the SD-WAN market and is now focused on developing the playbook for networking in the post-Covid world.

The ONUG Collaborative NaaS Project Team will focus on addressing issues and developing best practices to advance the adoption and implementation of NaaS Solutions. Some of the key areas the Project Team will focus on include:

  • Creating NaaS Infrastructure with robust Security and Compliance features
  • How to simplify NaaS solutions when enterprises have a mix of legacy and modern IT systems in place
  • How to scale NaaS Solutions 
  • Creating clear and measurable SLAs between providers and consumers 


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Elastic Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud Reference Architecture

This reference architecture provides a common framework for specifying the functional requirements for each use case scenario, which will be documented in a set of “RFPs” that will guide the development of multi-vendor reference solutions.

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