Defending Applications and APIs from AI-Driven Attacks: Strategies for a Secure Future

Fall 2024

As AI technologies evolve, so do the tactics of malicious actors leveraging AI for sophisticated cyber attacks. This panel will explore the emerging threats posed by AI-driven attacks on applications and APIs, and discuss robust defense strategies to protect enterprise systems. Experts will delve into the integration of AI in security frameworks, the role of continuous monitoring, and proactive measures to anticipate and mitigate these advanced threats. Attendees will gain insights into practical applications of AI in enhancing security and learn from real-world examples of AI-powered defense mechanisms.



As EY Americas Cloud Cybersecurity Leader, Alex focuses on engineering; architectural controls and processes; and security solutions for public cloud, and container platforms.

She holds a PhD, MSc and BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, has multiple patents and is cited in over 30 scientific publications.

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