NaaS Project – ONUG Collaborative Update

Fall 2024

The goal of the ONUG Collaborative NaaS project is to generate actionable outcomes and deliverables that will inform the decision-making processes of enterprise IT networking leaders who are evaluating, procuring and implementing WAN network-as-a-service offerings from communications service providers. In 2023, the project team explored and documented the definition of NaaS, articulated the benefits of adoption by large enterprises and outlined the high-level requirements common to all NaaS use cases.

In 2024, the NaaS project has been delving into the detailed requirements for specific leading NaaS use cases, such as multicloud networking and branch site connectivity. These requirements, covering critical business, technical and security considerations, will be documented in “Mock RFPs” suitable for enterprise IT professionals to use when drafting their own RFIs and RFPs for soliciting input from NaaS service providers.

Attend this session to learn how the ONUG Collaborative is enabling NaaS adoption by providing resources that IT networking teams will utilize to develop their NaaS strategy and engage with communications service providers to ensure that the network delivers maximum business value for all stakeholders. Project team leaders will discuss 2024 project goals and provide an overview of key actionable outcomes and deliverables.


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Zaheer is a distinguished technology leader with over 25 years of experience in networking, security, and cloud. He currently serves as the Services Incubation Lead for SASE and SDWAN at Cisco Customer Experience, having joined the company through its acquisition of Viptela. Zaheer is a recognized expert in his field, having authored two books – “Cloud Scaled Cisco SD-WAN Solution” and “Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols” – and holding multiple patents. He is a frequent speaker at leading industry events such as ONUG and CiscoLive, where he shares his insights on the latest trends in networking and security. In addition to his professional achievements, Zaheer is also a passionate coach and mentor, helping to develop the next generation of technology leaders. When he’s not working, Zaheer enjoys playing cricket and ping pong, and spending time with his family.

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