AI Networking Summit Keynote Presented by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Fall 2024

This Keynote address will highlight the newest technologies and innovations MSKCC is deploying.


Tsvi has over 25 years of technology and operations experience mostly in financial services, media and telecom and is known across the industry for his technology leadership, innovation and business acumen.

At MSKCC, Tsvi leads technology services as well as the High performance Computing technology enabling AI, genomic sequencing as well as major transformation using EPIC, divisional Agile & DevOps transformation and the changes to the ways of work in technology, workforce strategy, and front-to-back initiative.

Prior to MSKCC, Tsvi served as CTO of Morgan Stanley’s shared services (infrastructure & data), Tsvi had been responsible for transforming the bank into a modern, efficient and effective organization. He completed a hundreds of million net cost reduction initiative while productivity and satisfaction improved.

Working collaboratively with the leaders of business technology, Tsvi led the creation and implementation of Morgan Stanley’s multi-year strategy and target state architecture along with the standards, guidelines, blueprints and use patterns that made it actionable to the engineering and development communities, broke the silo mentality and aggressively reduced technology debt.

Tsvi’s work helped position the bank as a leader in algorithmic trading/ ultra-low latency, migration to public cloud and containers, AI & machine learning, cyber security, mainframe optimization, data center consolidation, modern client experience, global network and near-fault tolerant operations.

Tsvi also oversaw the governance and regulatory compliance work with internal and external auditors and examiners.

Tsvi is the winner of the Einstein Award for technology excellence and known as a provider of strategic thought leadership and excellence in execution and transformation.
His experience ranges from traditional (server, storage, networks, operations, mainframes) to modern (public and private cloud, containers, cyber security) infrastructure as well as application development and Agile/DevOps transformation, with the focus on creating business value.

Greatest achievements are rooted from understanding and enabling the business to deliver both existing and new offerings in a combination of efficiency (cost), delivery focus (execution) and future-proofing (innovation).

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