Dr. Theophilus Benson

Dr. Theophilus Benson
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department - Duke University

Dr. Benson is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Duke University.  His research group focuses on solving practical networking and systems problems, with a focus on Software Defined Networking, data centers, clouds, and configuration management.  In addition to serving regularly on several conference committees, he currently serves as the chair for the workshop on hot topics for Middleboxes (HotMIddleboxes 2015). In Oct 2014, he received the Yahoo! ACE Award, a prestigious award granted to top five first and second year faculty nationally, for his contributions to the field of data center performance diagnosis. His honors include IBM Fellowships, a Yahoo Faculty Engagement Award, and award papers at SIGCOMM internet Measurement Conference and SIGCOMM Workshop: research on enterprise networking.


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