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Join host Mark Tierney, ONUG CTO, as he engages with technology and business leaders and digs into the technology underpinnings that are driving today's Enterprise. From technology trends, to security issues, governance and automation, The ONUG Podcast presents independent analysis, fun banter and insightful perspectives.

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New Age of Networking

In this podcast, we explore the new age of networking in today’s hybrid multi-cloud environment. With the growing complexity of cloud computing and the rise of hybrid multi-cloud architectures, has the role of network teams become more critical than before? Has the network team, in essence, been given the “keys to the kingdom,” not simply for network infrastructure but other cloud infrastructure as well? Nick Lippis and Mark Tierney of ONUG discuss with Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers and Johna Till Johnson of Nemertes.


The Wages of Cybercrime

We all know that Cybercrime costs enterprises and organizations around the world an enormous amount of money – every year. Specifically, cybercrime revenues are currently estimated at $8T annually and counting – that is to say: twice the cost of the total global IT spend!

This episode will “follow the money”, as it were, to see where cybercriminals are pulling in their ill-gotten gains, or at least trying to.

But we’ll also detail here the less easily calculated costs and overall consequences of cybercrime – those that are reflected in the very real “tax” that it places on human activity in the technology space by requiring all of us to expend great amounts of energy in identifying and protecting ourselves and our customers from its various impacts.

Perhaps a true understanding of these total costs, the full “wages of cybercrime,” will help us better prioritize our cyber-defensive efforts and yield more effective results for all.

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The 5 Most Important Things IT Teams Can Learn from the SVB Crisis

What is the playbook when your company or your partner is in crisis? What’s the playbook when your company is in the contagion chain? Or when a group of your suppliers suddenly are out of business…

Join Nick Lippis as he garners insight from Andy Brown, CEO of Sand Hill East, LLC, and an experienced thought leader who previously served as Group Chief Technology Officer of UBS, as well as a variety of executive management and leadership roles at a variety of leading banking companies including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Joining as well is James Walker, an ONUG Board Member, VP of Strategy & Transformation at IBM, and previously head of global infrastructure at Bank of America who has spent the vast majority of his career in the banking industry. Andy and James have had operational roles during the 1991, 2001, and 2008 financial crises and have valuable insight to share.


The Future of Predictive Load Balancing Unpacked

Join Mark Tierney, ONUG CTO, and Raj Nair, Avesha Co-Founder & CEO, as they discuss the future of predictive load balancing. You will learn:

  1. The role of AI/ML in the future of load balancing.
  2. What is reinforcement learning?
  3. How can you make Predictive Auto-Scaling work for you?

Policy as Code: What They’re Not Telling You…ONUG Will Tell You!

Mark meets with several leaders from ONUG’s Policy as Code (PaC) working group to unpack the gaps in today’s PaC thinking. You will learn:

  • How can PaC support your Zero Trust, data protection strategies?
  • Why it’s important that Policy as Code can scale in your Enterprise.
  • Why you should be thinking about Policy as Code beyond simple implementation practices.

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Zero Day Strategies: Why It’s So Important

Mark & Michael discuss the immediate impact of ChatGPT and other emergent AI platforms. You will also learn:

  1. What are the employment numbers REALLY showing?
  2. Why is it important to have your Zero Day strategies well defined?
  3. What is the intersection between Zero Trust and Zero Day attacks?

Update on ONUG Collaborative Working Groups

Mark Tierney is joined by Peter Campbell of Cigna and Michael Thomas Clark of BData to give an update on the ONUG Collaborative Working Groups.

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The ONUG Community Gets Hyper-focused on Hyper-Automation

In this episode you will learn:

  1. The critical balance of People, Process, and Technology in your Hyperautomation Strategy
  2. How to pick your first “Win” in Hyperautomation.
  3. Why it’s critical to get your Data Science plan in place.

Driving the Hyperautomation Narrative through Collaboration: An ONUG C-Level Series – with Avesha

Mark and Raj discuss the critical importance of AI/ML in Hyperautomation deployments. Tune into this episode to learn:

1. The importance of your data strategy to make Hyperautomation successful.

2. How to optimize your costs and sustainability thru Hyperautomation.

3. Kick start your Hyperautomation programs by being laser focused on ROI!


Driving the Hyperautomation Narrative through Collaboration: An ONUG C-Level Series – with ZPE Systems