The Wages of Cybercrime

We all know that Cybercrime costs enterprises and organizations around the world an enormous amount of money – every year. Specifically, cybercrime revenues are currently estimated at $8T annually and counting – that is to say: twice the cost of the total global IT spend!

This episode will “follow the money”, as it were, to see where cybercriminals are pulling in their ill-gotten gains, or at least trying to.

But we’ll also detail here the less easily calculated costs and overall consequences of cybercrime – those that are reflected in the very real “tax” that it places on human activity in the technology space by requiring all of us to expend great amounts of energy in identifying and protecting ourselves and our customers from its various impacts.

Perhaps a true understanding of these total costs, the full “wages of cybercrime,” will help us better prioritize our cyber-defensive efforts and yield more effective results for all.

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