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Join host Mark Tierney, ONUG CTO, as he engages with technology and business leaders and digs into the technology underpinnings that are driving today's Enterprise. From technology trends, to security issues, governance and automation, The ONUG Podcast presents independent analysis, fun banter and insightful perspectives.

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People Get Ready! Mapping Zero Trust Principles to Zero Day Realities

In this episode, we discuss perhaps the most prevalent theme, meme, buzz phrase currently operating in the cyber world – that of the Zero Trust phenomenon and how it can be used to mitigate the potential nasty effects of that old nemesis of ours – the Zero Day attack.

Zero Day is something that is still very much alive and kicking, and we believe, can be effectively countered using an approach that we first articulated at ONUG Spring 2023 in Dallas, continued within our Cloud Native Security series of blogs, and we are bringing forward again in this podcast.

– Why Zero Day still matters
– How do Zero Trust principles best position you to thwart Zero Day attacks?
– Learn about playbooks


The Wages of Cybercrime, Episode 2: Recapping 2023’s High and Low Points Thus Far

On today’s episode, we confront one of the most menacing adversaries in the digital landscape: ransomware. As the frequency and sophistication of ransomware attacks continue to rise, wreaking havoc on individuals, organizations and even nations, it’s crucial to understand the inner workings of this insidious malware. Mark discusses the topic in depth with Michael Thomas Clark, Co-Chair of ONUG’s Cloud Native Security Working Group. You will learn about the growth of ransomware, one of the industry’s best mitigation strategies and where you can find guidance so your enterprise can strategize effectively.


The Challenge of Integrating Public & Private Networking

Integrating public and private networking has become a top priority for enterprises as they seek to optimize their network infrastructure and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. But, this integration journey is not without its challenges. Mark is joined by AWS industry experts Nick Coval, Principal GTM Specialist & Global Connectivity, and Seejo Sebastine, Global Head, Connectivity & Business Development, to get a broader understanding of attacking these challenges.


Introducing the ONUG Hyperautomation Success Guide

Leaders ONUG’s Hyperautomation Working Group gather to discuss the value of implementing hyperautomation functionality into your enterprise.  Join Brian Silverman –  Sr. Architect, Network and Cloud at McKesson, Dale Smith Founder & CMO, Orchestral, Ken Patel – Associate Fellow, Verizon Business Group and Mark Tierney, ONUG’s CTO and get a first account of the ONUG Hyperautomation Guide to Success. In this episode, you’ll learn about the role AI/ML should play in your automation strategy, including how organizational culture can help (or hurt) your goals. You will also be challenged to think outside the box on how Hyperautomation is not just about being faster or more efficient at the things you’re doing today…Rather, how you can accomplish amazing new potential in ways never before considered.

Learn more in the Hyperautomation Success Guide.


How Will AI & the 4D Metaverse Serve Your Enterprise?

Mark sits down with Dave Copps, CEO and Founder of Worlds. Dave is the quintessential pioneer in AI solutions and was E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022. Check out this discussion and you’ll get the most realistic view of the value and the risk with AI. You will also get incredible insights into how enterprises are envisioning the use of AI in conjunction with the 4D metaverse to enable everything from data center, lab room or shop room operations, as well as improving the supply chain.


The Game Changing Nature of Private Enterprise 5G

Mark welcomes ONUG Service Provider CTO, Stephen Collins to the ONUG Podcast to discuss the new opportunities presented by private enterprise 5G solutions. In this episode, you’ll learn how the enterprise can benefit from enhanced performance and security, as well as new capabilities the 5G uniquely provides.

Learn more in the Private 5G Blog Series.


The Future Quantum Security… Will You Be Ready?

Mark speaks with Denis Mandich, CTO & Co-Founder of Qrypt, and former member of the intelligence community about the current threat profile presented by quantum computing. You will learn that there is a BIG disconnect between what you’re hearing from mainstream sources regarding encryption risk versus what Enterprises will actually face in the very near future!

You’ll also get an update on how nation states are preparing…the good and the bad, as well as what you can do to position your enterprise to face the coming risk of Quantum by using Quantum Safe Standards.


ONUG Spring 2023 Highlights with Nick Lippis

Mark and Nick hit the highlights of ONUG Spring 2023. Learn about the sessions they’re excited about that address the convergence of netops and secops. And about the DevSecOps track that was created by Alex Shulman-Peleg and James Wickett.

Get your ticket to ONUG Spring here.


What Your Enterprise Is Missing if You’re Not Collaborating with Your Peers

The ONUG Collaborative is purpose built for Enterprises to work side by side with industry peers (both consumers and suppliers), to drive the tech industry where it NEEDS to go. You can skate to where you THINK the puck is going.. or you can already know. Listen to this Podcast and you’ll get the latest updates on the ONUG Collaborative.

Learn more about the ONUG Collaborative.


Open Policy Agent: OPA, Scaling for the Enterprise

We interview Tim Hinrichs, Co Founder and CTO at Styra (the creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agent (OPA)). Listen as Tim explains:

1. The problem enterprises face with policy mgmt.
2. What is the state of Policy as code today.
3. How the industry and Open Source solve problems for the Enterprise.
4 What is the role of OPA in problem solving.
5. What’s missing or what are the gaps in Policy management today?