Introducing the ONUG Hyperautomation Success Guide

Leaders ONUG’s Hyperautomation Working Group gather to discuss the value of implementing hyperautomation functionality into your enterprise.  Join Brian Silverman –  Sr. Architect, Network and Cloud at McKesson, Dale Smith Founder & CMO, Orchestral, Ken Patel – Associate Fellow, Verizon Business Group and Mark Tierney, ONUG’s CTO and get a first account of the ONUG Hyperautomation Guide to Success. In this episode, you’ll learn about the role AI/ML should play in your automation strategy, including how organizational culture can help (or hurt) your goals. You will also be challenged to think outside the box on how Hyperautomation is not just about being faster or more efficient at the things you’re doing today…Rather, how you can accomplish amazing new potential in ways never before considered.

Learn more in the Hyperautomation Success Guide.