The ONUG Collaborative Was Started in 2019 with Founding Members

Its charter is to identify and provide solutions to cross-industry, large enterprise issues, such as cybersecurity and data protection, which are both significant areas of concern to large corporations.

The ONUG Collaborative IT Executive Membership provides IT professionals from cloud consumer companies the opportunity to participate in community-driven initiatives that benefit the user community, their career and your corporation

The ONUG Collaborative Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are exclusively C-level executives of Fortune 100 companies who set the direction of the ONUG Collaborative Working Group(s). Steering Committee member companies populate working group(s) with a member of their senior staff to work alongside peers, which include vendors, cloud providers and end users, to identify and provide solutions to cross-industry enterprise issues, such as cybersecurity and data protection, which are both significant areas of concern to large corporations.

ONUG Collaborative Steering Committee Members

  • FedEx, Founding Member, represented by Gene Sun, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Cigna, Founding Member, represented by James Beeson, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Raytheon Technologies, Founding Member, represented by Daniel Conroy, Chief Technology Office
  • Microsoft Azure, represented by Avi Ben-Menahem
  • IBM Cloud, represented by Jerome Bell, VP and Chief Security Officer
  • Google Cloud Platform: represented by Phil Venables, VP – Google/Chief Information Security Officer – Google Cloud
  • Cisco: Awaiting executive appropriation

Why Become an IT Member of The ONUG Collaborative?

Amplify your corporation’s voice/influence with other large corporations to ensure you receive the tools you need to drive successful digital transformation.

The ONUG Collaborative provides a means for corporations to engage and work together in a problem-solving atmosphere and culture that facilitates technology approaches that benefit all, no matter where you are on your enterprise cloud journey. The Collaborative is represented by the largest cloud consumers as well as cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud enabling it to identify gaps and facilitate hybrid/multi-cloud solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to contribute requirements and participate in any ONUG Working Group including:
    • Elastic Infrastructure
    • AIOps
    • Observability/Visibility/Monitor
    • Orchestration & Automation
    • Automated Cloud Governance (ACG)
    • Cloud Native Security
    • ONUG DevOps
    • Women in IT Leadership
  • Industry recognition for your contributions to Working Group achievements
  • An unlimited number of engineers or product managers assigned to participate per working group
  • Voting rights for your company to dictate the progress and direction of working group initiatives
  • Networking opportunities with other members and industry experts leading to the creation and development of critical collaborations and partnerships.
  • A 25%, company-wide, discount on ONUG Conferences
  • Complimentary access to ONUG Insight-The Year Ahead, an exclusive all-member private gathering
  • Receipt of the annual ONUG Collaborative Report – includes detailed survey results from ONUG Community members providing the definitive view of the state of the enterprise cloud
  • The Collaborative’s work is open sourced to benefit the entire industry
  • Potential speaking opportunities at ONUG events providing an opportunity to share your company’s thought leadership

How to Get Involved in the ONUG Collaborative

The Collaborative maintains two bodies: an Executive Steering Committee and The Collaborative Working Group(s). Your IT Executive  Membership in the Collaborative includes membership in any of the eight Working Groups. We are accepting membership requests from all corporations and members of the cloud vendor ecosystem.

ONUG Collaborative IT Executive membership

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ONUG Collaborative Working Groups

The ONUG Collaborative comprises 7 working groups, each have their own unique projects they work on, but all working groups combine their influence behind a set of use cases to drive change in our industry

ONUG Collaborative Working Groups

Beyond the critical work that the Collaborative working groups pursue, members enjoy exclusive, discreet and private organized engagements with peers where it’s safe to share sensitive information. Many members find this not only to be valuable, but a highly effective way of auging where they stand compared to others on their digital journeys.

Elastic Infrastructure
Orchestration & Automation
Automated Cloud Governance (ACG)
Cloud Native Security
Women in IT Leadership

ACG Working Group Membership

The ACG Working Group White Paper

The ACG Working group’s recently released white paper, has garnered press coverage in the Wall St Journal, Information Week and other outlets. Released in May 2020, the ACG White Paper sought to educate the industry on and advocate for:

  • Cloud transparency
  • Cloud standardized identity and data format
  • Cloud security center framework standardization

The Cloud Security Notification Framework - The Collaborative’s Big Initiative

The Collaborative, through the ACG Working Group, is pursuing the development of a common Cloud Security Notification Framework or CSNF reference implementation/architecture. The goal is to create common definitions and syntax for major cloud provider security alerts, alarms, events, etc., and is the start of multi-cloud security notification services. The goal is to make a common open source security notification framework available in the industry so that cloud governance and policy can be automated, thus a shared responsibility model, a reality. In phase three, compliance officers are to be invited.

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