Carlos Matos

Carlos Matos
Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Risk - JPMChase

Carlos is currently Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Risk covering the areas of Automation, Infrastructure, Networks, Cloud, and SecDevops.

Prior to JPMChase, Carlos was with Bank of America for 3 years where he worked defining the Strategy for Automation and Digital Transformation of the Infrastructure, and later led the Automation of all of Network Services, and transformation of the organization end-to-end delivery and operational model.

Before BoA, Carlos worked for Fidelity Investments for over 15 years in multiple areas including Operations, Engineering, and Architecture. In addition to being the Architect for the External infrastructure (Internet and Extranet), he led the emerging technologies, (NSV/NFV) Network Service/Function Virtualization, and (SDN) Software Define Networking Programs; he was also the Network Architect for the Private and Public cloud projects from its inception, overseeing the entire design, automation of network Services, and creation of Network self-service offerings, Next generation data center, next generation firewall, NG monitoring projects among many others.

Before joining Fidelity, Carlos worked for The Venezuelan Revenue Service, and Verizon Wireless as Chief Internal Auditor among other positions.

He has a bachelor degree in Business, and Management of Information Systems from the University JMV, Venezuela, and an MS in telecommunications and Data Networks from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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