The Nickelback of Topics: Overcoming Zero Trust Access Challenges

Spring 2023

Zero trust access is a popular topic in the cybersecurity world, but for some it’s become the “Nickelback” of discussions – overplayed and misunderstood. This session aims to demystify the concept and provide practical solutions for implementing a zero trust security model. Attendees will learn about the benefits of zero trust, including increased security and improved visibility into network activity. We will discuss the challenges of implementing zero trust, including complexity, limited visibility and lack of understanding. The session will also cover best practices for integrating zero trust into an organization’s security infrastructure and strategies for overcoming common implementation challenges. Whether you’re a network administrator, security professional or DevSecOps practitioner, this session will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to take your organization’s security to the next level.

Session outline:
-An overview of the Zero Trust model and its key principles
-Discussion of common challenges organizations face when implementing Zero Trust access controls
-Best practices and solutions for addressing these challenges, such as multi-factor authentication, network segmentation, and continuous monitoring

Target audience: IT professionals and decision makers responsible for implementing and managing network security in their organization. This would include network administrators, IT managers, security professionals, and C-level executives. The session would be beneficial for those who are interested in learning about Zero Trust as a security model and how to overcome the challenges of implementing it in a corporate network.


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