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The ONUG Collaborative Policy as Code Working Group brings together Enterprise Cloud Consumers, IT suppliers and Cloud Service Providers to meet the demands of risk mitigation via automated governance in the face of increasing challenges and complexity brought on by multi-cloud infrastructure in today’s enterprise technology platforms.

Policy as code formalizes business intent into code, creating intent-driven software that can be evaluated across multiple cloud providers and on-prem systems. Such code allows for enforcing policies across and within the infrastructure, providing appropriate compliance guidelines and guardrails. Policy as code is foundational to the design and delivery of an automated continuous control framework. Policy as code puts control directly in the hands of the business consumer versus the IT/Cloud Service Provider supplier.

If managing risk and automation in a multi-cloud world with policy as code is important to you and your organization, then we welcome you to participate in this working group

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Policy as Code

What We’re Working On

"This newly formed ONUG Collaborative Working Group will focus on helping cloud consumers find solutions to effective risk governance"
Stephen Collins, Service Provider CTO ONUG

The Working Group’s initial goal is to develop a Policy as Code vocabulary and framework as an effective means to implement controls to manage risk with automated governance within multi-cloud environments.

At the recently held ONUG Spring Conference in Dallas, The Policy as Code Working Group outlined a clear roadmap for their goals, with a primary focus on developing the ONUG Policy as Code Playbook.

This playbook aims to serve as a valuable resource for organizations seeking to implement Policy as Code programs tailored to their specific needs. It will include a quick start guide, offering step-by-step instructions on developing and implementing a Policy as Code program. Additionally, the playbook will delve into various aspects of enterprise PaC programs, drawing from shared experiences and best practices.

Lastly, the playbook will feature a Functional Reference Architecture, providing a framework for designing and implementing Policy as Code solutions effectively. The PaC Working Group’s update at the conference highlighted their dedication to driving industry-wide adoption of Policy as Code and empowering organizations to enhance their policy management and compliance practices.

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Policy as Code Reference Architecture

Creating more robust approaches to developing and enforcing policy governance begins with the development of a “well-defined Policy as Code framework,”as well as a “standard approach” to operationalizing Policy as Code – one where all terms are crisply defined – and with clear guardrails articulated.

The following image shows the Policy as Code space and ONUG’s suggested area of focus

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