The Evolution of Application Networking Multi-Cloud Application Services
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The Evolution of Application Networking Multi-Cloud Application Services

The job of the enterprise networking professional is changing rapidly. The velocity of new applications and updates is increasing. The cloud, new architectures including microservices and container applications are changing the way that application networking services are delivered.

Network teams want to move away from appliances that need constant manual configuration and maintenance to highly automated, multi-cloud application networking software that is analytics-driven.

New cloud-native capabilities with built-in analytics for load balancing, web application firewalls are enabling administrators to focus on outcomes instead of inputs on a “wall-of-knobs”. Learn how enterprises across major industries are transforming their application delivery approach.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Ways to eliminate unnecessary trouble tickets with application insights from your load balancer
  • How to deploy load balancers across multiple cloud environments and manage them centrally
  • Best practices to deploy elastic load balancers on a per tenant and per app basis
  • How to centrally manage load balancers across multi-cloud deployments