Building the Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone
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Building the Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone

Public cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and Google – have become the physical infrastructure for the new virtual enterprise data center. The Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone is the new architecture that embraces and extends native public cloud networking constructs and infrastructure to deliver private, multi-region and multi-cloud transit networking and security services for enterprise IT.

These services create an abstracted layer over-the-top of public clouds to deliver operational simplicity, security and performance. Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone services include advanced transit networking, network segmentation, next generation firewall connectivity, secure user and site-to-cloud VPN, cloud to internet egress filtering, high-performance encryption, and many more.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the network and security architecture for the new enterprise multi-cloud backbone.
  • How to embrace and extend native cloud constructs to improve operational simplicity, security and performance.
  • Learn about the fastest, highest performance and best scale-out solution for bringing your Palo Alto Network VM-Series Firewalls to the public cloud.
  • How to gain visibility and traceability for your transit cloud network.
  • Lessons learned on the journey to the cloud from Informatica, the leader in enterprise cloud data management.

Who should attend:

  • Cloud Network and Security Architects and Operations