Jeremiah Ginn

Jeremiah Ginn
Director, Innovation & Strategy Advisory - AT&T Business Solution

Jeremiah Ginn is a Husband, Father, Teacher, and lives a life focused on investing in those that cross his path. Today he has 3 bio and 6 adopted children, 3 grandchildren, and lives in Northwest Arkansas. A Service-Disabled Veteran, he proudly served in the US Army. He serves today as a Military Veteran Advocate, President of the Arkansas Chapter of the AT&T Veterans and a Champion for Children’s Adoptive and Foster Care Programs across multiple non-profit organizations.

Jeremiah leads Software Defined Networking Evangelism Efforts at AT&T, supporting global customers in their efforts to automate network infrastructure and reduce business impacting conditions. He leads with roles as an SD-WAN, SASE, NFV,  and Multi-Tenant Cloud Edge Compute Subject Matter Expert, as well as Executive Consultant, SCRUM Master, Developer, Author, Public Speaker, Educator, and Technology Evangelist.




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