Testing, Verifying & Certifying the CSNF Decorator

As the ONUG CSNF Decorator moves from its pilot phase toward a consumable open source project, the need to verify that suppliers/providers contributions adhere to its canonical data model and attribute definitions becomes central to its ability to deliver a standard translation service between CSPs and IT suppliers. In this session two Shannon Lietz of Adobe and Anton Aleksandrov of IBM Cloud share their views on verifying and certifying Decorator community contributions.

Anton Aleksandrov is the Chief Architect of IBM Cloud Security Services – a suite of cloud-native services that lets IBM Cloud customers ensure their applications are running in a secure and reliable way. IBM Cloud Security Services include services that allow customers to easily add authentication, authorization, access control, certificate and secret management, security and compliance monitoring, and many other security capabilities to their cloud applications. Having 15+ years of hands-on software engineering and architecture experience, Anton is playing a leading role in overseeing the design and implementation of highly scalable, innovative, secure, micro-service-based cloud services and customer enterprise-grade solutions.
Prior to joining the IBM Cloud Security Services organization Anton had held leading roles in IBM Cloud Developer Experience, IBM Bluemix Mobile Services and IBM MobileFirst organizations. He has published multiple articles, blogs and papers about Cloud, Web and Mobile technologies, and presented at numerous IT conferences.

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