Synergy in Action: Integrating Operational Technology and IT for Business Transformation

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, the ONUG Spring 2024 conference presents a pivotal keynote panel session, “Synergy in Action: Integrating Operational Technology (OT) and IT for Business Transformation.” This session is dedicated to exploring the integration of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT), a convergence that is solving critical business challenges, driving efficiency, and creating significant value.
Panel Discussion Points:
The Business Problem: Understanding the historical divide between OT and IT, the inefficiencies it creates, and the specific business problems that OT/IT integration aims to solve.
Integration Strategies: Insight into various strategies and best practices for integrating OT and IT systems, including technological, organizational, and cultural aspects.
Real-World Case Studies: Presenting case studies from companies that have successfully integrated their OT and IT, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and lessons learned.
Value Creation: Discussing the tangible and intangible value generated through OT/IT integration, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced data analytics, and better decision-making capabilities.
Security Considerations: Addressing the critical aspect of security in the OT/IT convergence, including the unique challenges and strategies to mitigate risks.
Future Outlook: Exploring the future implications of OT/IT integration, including emerging technologies and potential industry shifts.

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