ONUG Collaborative Project Update: Zero Trust

Spring 2024

Zero Trust is a mindset that IT professionals must adopt for implementing sound security strategies in today’s complex IT environments based on hybrid multicloud infrastructure supporting workloads distributed across a mix of on-premise data centers and multiple cloud providers, including numerous SaaS applications. There is no longer a well-defined perimeter to defend and the potential attack surface is essentially unbounded.

Zero Trust strategies are grounded in a set of fundamental principles that are realized by deploying the proper set of products and solutions that are available from many leading security vendors. But where do NOC and SOC teams start their Zero Trust journey? What are the key considerations at each milestone on the way? Will they ever arrive at a final destination?

Attend this session to learn how the ONUG Collaborative is helping enterprise IT professionals understand how to adopt Zero Trust by providing them with a Practitioner’s Guide to Zero Trust, based on real-world experience implementing Zero Trust strategies at a large global enterprise. Project team leads will also discuss other 2024 project goals and security-related actionable outcomes and deliverables.


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