ONUG Collaborative Project Update: Enterprise 5G

Spring 2024

Large enterprises have successfully adopted private 5G networks in OT environments such as manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, transportation, shipping and agriculture. However, 5G connectivity can also be deployed to improve wireless coverage, capacity, reliability and security in “carpeted” environments, such as office buildings, large campuses, dormitories, K-12 schools, retail outlets, entertainment venues and healthcare facilities. A new generation of mobile devices running new applications and connected via 5G networks are also driving the adoption of distributed cloud architectures and the requirement for seamless wireless connectivity to compute and storage resources, regardless of physical location.

Attend this session to learn how the ONUG Collaborative is helping enterprise IT professionals understand the importance of 5G networks for supporting an array of enterprise IT and OT use cases, including the ramifications for networking and security operations teams charged with fully operationalizing 5G connectivity in the context of enterprise hybrid multicloud application infrastructure. Project team leads will describe 2024 project goals, including actionable outcomes and deliverables for enterprise IT professionals.


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