Navigating the Future of Network Security: The Role of SASE/SSE in Transforming Enterprise Security

In an era where the convergence of AI and enterprise infrastructure is inevitable, understanding the pivotal role of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE) becomes paramount for organizations aiming to enhance their security posture and network efficiency. This panel discussion, set against the backdrop of ONUG’s AI Networking Summit, will delve into the critical considerations surrounding the adoption of SASE/SSE as the cornerstone of future network security architectures. With insights from leading SASE/SSE vendors, the session will explore the diverse landscape of SASE/SSE solutions, dissect the nuances that differentiate vendor offerings, and address the key question of whether SASE/SSE should be the target state for network security architectures. Join us as we navigate the alternatives, unravel the complexities, and illuminate the path toward a more simplified, trusted infrastructure powered by AI.

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