Keynote: Dynamic Edge Segmentation: Insights into GSK’s Hyperconnected Smart Manufacturing

In the throes of an expanding hyperconnected landscape, businesses are encountering a surge in OT (Operational Technology) devices. In fact, the market for OT devices is expected to be 5x the market for IT devices. The integration of these devices into the wider corporate infrastructure presents both unique challenges and opportunities. GSK, at the vanguard of this transformation, has coined its journey as “Dynamic Edge Segmentation.” Through this keynote, they will illuminate the intricacies of their approach, bringing to light the hurdles they overcame and the solutions they implemented.
-Welcome & Introduction: Setting the context: Dynamic Edge Segmentation in a hyperconnected OT landscape. The impetus behind GSK’s journey.
-Growth Dynamics of OT vs. IT: Projections and reasoning: Why OT will be five times as large as IT.The consequential shifts in corporate infrastructure.
-Challenges in OT Integration: Dissecting the hurdles of integrating air-locked OT devices. Pinpointing potential risks and vulnerabilities.
-GSK’s Strategy in Dynamic Edge Segmentation: Unveiling GSK’s blueprint for de-risking their intertwined OT/IT infrastructure. Essential technology building blocks championed in their strategy. Adapting the operational model to the demands of integration.
-The Imperative of Network Security: The rationale for prioritizing the network as the prime security bastion in OT/IT integration.GSK’s initiatives in fortifying infrastructure security.
-Looking Ahead: GSK’s Vision for the Future: GSK’s forecasts on the future trajectory of smart manufacturing and OT integration. The upcoming innovations and shifts on GSK’s radar.
-Q&A Session: Engaging discussions and inquiries directed towards the GSK panel.
-Closing Remarks & Networking: Distilling the session’s pivotal insights. A chance to network with industry luminaries and GSK’s team.
Who Should Attend?
-Industry Leaders: For a deep dive into how industry giants like GSK are navigating the changing technological waters.
-Network Security Professionals: To grasp the intricacies of safeguarding a melded OT/IT ecosystem.
-OT & IT Integration Specialists: Understand the complexities of “Dynamic Edge Segmentation.”
-Manufacturing Executives: The changing face of hyperconnected smart manufacturing and its ramifications.
-Technology Enthusiasts & Students: For an updated pulse on industry movements and strategies.
-Operational Leaders: Adapting operations to sync with dynamic edge segmentation.
-Research and Development Professionals: Anticipating future tech innovations and advancements.
-Risk Management Experts: Delving deep into potential vulnerabilities in an interconnected space.

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